Android P lets way more phones work with wireless Android Auto

Google I/O 2018: Android TV Update to Bring New Setup and Autofill; ADT-2 Launched For Developers

Google hopes to become your one-stop shop for your mobile photos, and by implementing more robust AI features, they will be able to make interacting with your pictures a more seamless experience.

Android also gets a "wind down" feature that "gets the phone ready for bed", by either activating a nightlight that reduces blue light, which is said to interfere with sleep, or go into grayscale to get rid of all colors. Those would be the gesture-based interface, the Digital Wellbeing program, the Adaptive Battery feature for battery life enhancement or the App Actions feature that lets you quickly fire up actions within apps without having to open or even download some of them first. The new version will also suggest photo tweaks, making it easier than ever to produce stunning photos from your smartphone.

Accessing the app drawer-"all apps", as I think of it-works as before, too, but you must now make a full swipe up from the bottom of the screen to access this list.

I've always had a soft spot for Android TV.

This agreement is a partnership between Volvo and Google, started in may 2017. It's not MIUI-based so there aren't any new features not already available on the Google Pixel devices.

The Android P Developer Preview 2 is compatible with Sony Xperia XZ2, Essential PH-1, Nokia 7 Plus, Oppo R15 Pro, Vivo X21, Vivo X21 UD, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S, and the upcoming OnePlus 6 smartphone.

Go Home: There's no more home button (virtual or otherwise) in Android P, but the replacement is pretty straightforward. Like Google, the company says that it's working on ways to empower users to take more control over how much time they spend on the service and what they do while online.

The Pixel 3 probably won't be official until October (when Google typically announces its latest flagship phones), but you can bring a bit of the rumoured device to your current Android handset right now.

Power off your device and connect it to your computer. You can use the camera in navigation for improved walking directions and information about places. "The ability to pick up on nuance, the human uses of additional small phrases - these sorts of cues are very human, and clearly the person on the other end didn't know".

Google's new format does not replace the standard APK file format entirely. You don't have to go to the recent apps view.

The company showed several examples, including Duplex calling a restaurant to book a table for four, and in each instance, the listener seemed to have no idea it's a machine; in one call, the listener asked the AI, "What's up, man?" and referred to it as "sir".

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