Can Conor McGregor's ego drag him back to the Octagon?

A.J. Lester ‘playing’ UFC 218
        Twitch? WME-IMG? EA Sports? A.J. Lester

Don't miss any action.

Wearing a pair of headphones to make it look legit, AJ Lester streamed the UFC 218 match between Max Holloway and Jose Aldo on Twitch while he twiddled a few buttons to make it look like he was controlling both fighters.

Columnist Tommy Conlon highlighted McGregor's journey from pauper to peacock in his On The Couch column, while Eamonn Sweeney wrote about how the Conor McGregor story may end, and if Dr Jekyll has gradually lost control of his evil alter ego to Mr. Hyde, in his weekly Hold The Back Page column.

"Blessed" countered an oncoming Aldo in the first round working behind an excellent jab and solid body striking.

"When a bully pulls your hair, you punch him in the face", Holloway told Ariel Helwani.

At the time of writing, the clip has been viewed over half a million times on twitch, and quickly went viral on Twitter.

Whatever the case, Holloway is clearly a star and a draw for the UFC.

However, "The Underground King" got back to winning ways with an impressive performance against Justin Gaethje as he won via knockout in the third round.

It is not known when, or even if, McGregor will return to the UFC and defend his lightweight title. It's surprising, it's hilarious and we'll see what happens. "I'm just standing back going 'These guys are incredible, these guys are representing what this sport is going to be in a number of years, these guys are ahead of their time.' Conor beat them".

He covered his tracks after the event was over, removing the stream from his broadcast history.

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A Holloway-McGregor rematch would give the Waianae, Oahu native a payday likely bigger than all of his other clashes combined, or close to it.

The former Olympic gold medalist, had no trouble securing takedowns against Pettis and used his superior skillset to grind out the win.

I guess this time around those new boobs can't come in handy. This was the plan he touched upon in his post-fight press conference.

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