MMA: Holloway, McGregor go tweet for tweet

Yancy Medeiros battles Alex Oliveira during

UFC 218 took place on Saturday, with featherweight fighters Max Holloway and Jose Aldo headlining the event's main card.

A Holloway-McGregor rematch would give the Waianae, Oahu native a payday likely bigger than all of his other clashes combined, or close to it.

'You know me and him made 12K that night and I think he's happy to hold onto that. How did he manage it? For the most part, it's the closest a game has ever gotten to recreating the sweaty, sloggy testosterone stew that is a mixed martial arts fight. He's still retired in my eyes.

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He said anything is possible and didn't completely rule out a Holloway and McGregor fight, but it seemed unlikely. Hopefully his account doesn't get banned and he doesn't get locked up.

Whatever the case, Holloway is clearly a star and a draw for the UFC.

His 12-fight winning streak has only been topped by St-Pierre, Johnson, Jon Jones and Anderson Silva - all legends of the sport. "I think the fight (in Hawaii) is going to happen".

Conor McGregor may never fight again, he is aware of the long-term consequences that a prolonged career in combat sports offers, and he no longer needs to fight so he can 'spend a bomb on Christenings', but maybe he needs the rigour and routine of fighting more than professional fighting needs him. Ask him what he wants next and it's all about eating cupcakes. New animations drive home the impact of your strikes: a good body kick will leave your opponent sucking wind. When he comes back and wants to fight a real MMA fighter let me know.

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