"Justice League" Disappointing Compared to the Impressive Opening for "Wonder" — Weekend Update

Latin America also pulled in strong numbers with an estimated $35.4M for the region to score the 3rd biggest launch ever for WB behind BVS and the final Harry Potter. It's one of the most eagerly anticipated movies of the fall, as "Justice League" hopes to be to the world of Superman and Batman what The Avengers are to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

For better and for worse, Justice League is the movie event people just can't stop talking about.

But not all was gloomy at the box office. Now, that dream has finally come to fruition, though much to the dismay of those still feeling the effects of the Wonder Woman high, the result is another polarizing entry in the DCEU's growing slate of films. It seems that if the DCEU continues to receive this negative attention, it may be up to Wonder Woman to save the day. But one guess I'm willing to take to the bank: if production hasn't already begun or it isn't a sequel to Wonder Woman, its future looks a bit cloudy right now. Whatever personality exists within this film lines up with the good guys, whether it's the heroes themselves or the dryly sarcastic Alfred (Jeremy Irons). But there is something about the character and Balan plays it with élan. With $738.1M worldwide, it's the 9th MCU title to cross $700M. The former are like sludge. They note that the percentages fail to weight critics - Pulitzer winners and unknown writers count equally - while a mildly negative review is not distinguished from one that pans the film. Well, as one newspaper headline put it: "Justice Not Served". Rumors are suggesting that the studio is looking towards Wonder Woman as the savior of their franchise. Luthor then essentially says that he, Deathstroke, and otherlike-minded individuals should form "a league of our own". This is what holds the film's antagonist Steppenwolf back from being as menacing as he could be. The answer is to recruit other superheroes like Aquaman for the mission, but even this group proves inadequate for the task of sorting the villain. Just as Cyborg (Ray Fisher) is made from a mix of human and computer parts, and is sometimes unable to control his/its worst impulses, so too does Justice League feel cobbled together from spare parts, with two different directors who have two very different sensibilities at the helm. He's got the humor required to be the Flash, but not enough of the brains for Barry.

Because his name is the first credited, this next part shouldn't be a spoiler, but buyer beware, I'm about to talk about Superman. It remains a sad fact that tragic circumstances unfortunately and understandably prevented Zack Snyder from completing the film himself, but he's undoubtedly left a lasting legacy on these characters.

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