Super Mario Bros movie coming from Minion studio, report says

Nintendo Reportedly Bringing Mario To The Big Screen Once Again

Nintendo is reportedly close to signing a deal with Universal Pictures and French animation studio Illumination to bring iconic video game mascot Mario back to the big screen more than two decades after the plumber's ill-fated big-screen debut. Both Nintendo and Illumination declined to comment on the speculation, however, it is being stated that Nintendo has been hesitant to agree to create the movie over a lack of confidence on whether they will be involved enough with the creation of the film.

This Game and Watch game has the distinction of being the only Mario game in history that can pair with John Fogherty's 'Fortunate Son.' In the 1980s, when this game was released, the only war people remembered took place in the thick jungles of Vietnam.

The film will completely be centralized on Mario.

The deal would give Illumination the option to make multiple Mario movies, but for now the intention is to focus on one feature rather than ambitiously plan out a whole series. Just hit the buttons on the top of this page.

The bros aren't strangers to the big screen. Since then, the company has mainly focused on animated movies based on the Pokemon franchise.

It's important to note that some of these reported entertainment deals ever come to fruition, as a Netflix series based on The Legend of Zelda was supposedly in early production in 2015, yet never say the light of day.

The report mentions that Illumination has been in talks with Nintendo about this project for almost a year.

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